Saturday, April 25, 2020

GANESH: God of New Beginnings, Success and Wisdom. The Remover of Obstacles.

SilverStreetz unleashes another large, painted panel tapping into Hindu religion. 

SilverStreetz mentions, "In this piece 'GANESH', I really wanted the viewers to get a true sense of energy and flow. Everything in this piece is moving with vibrant colors along with it.  Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and with that mythology you can create any story you want out of it which is why I love it so much".

While waiting out the Covid quarantine, SilverStreetz took to the streets of the LA Arts District.  Using the back drop of Hauser & Wirth he was able to capture some incredible shots of his latest piece.

After creating a fully rendered Photoshop version of his piece 'GANESH', he was compelled to bring it to life with acrylics on a 4' x 8' hard board.  The same size and framing as his last piece, BALI.  When asked if there was any significance to the colorful background he employed, SilverStreetz says, "For me, the colorful streams surrounding him are his energy and consciousness as he battles the obstacles with his golden crown and dagger".

About SilverStreetz

Born in 2005, SilverStreetz is a freshman at LACHSA who likes to focus on large mural and installation pieces.  Spray paint, oils, and acrylics are his medium of choice and highly imaginative creative is what guides his pieces.  He has displayed work around multiple locations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.  At age 12 not only did SilverStreetz complete his first wall mural inside a private residence, but his graphic design creative saw the beginning of his own apparel line.  For more information, visit

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