Thursday, March 23, 2023

KCRW Young Creators Project Showcases Artist Sterling Molldrem (aka Silverstreetz)

  17-Year-Old Visual Artist Is Selected for KCRW's Young Creators Project

Santa Monica, Ca., 3/19/2023 - Sterling Molldrem aka SilverStreetz has created numerous large scale wall murals and been commissioned for his vibrant and imaginative paintings.  Now he has been featured on KCRW's Young Creators Project, which showcases artists under 21 years of age.  He was interviewed on air and also featured on KCRW's website.  The piece that caught the eye of KCRW was a 48" x 96" wood panel called, 'Bali'. 


About SilverStreetz – Primarily self-taught since 2005, SilverStreetz is a visual artist currently attending Los Angeles County Highschool for the Arts (LACHSA).  He works with mediums ranging from oils, acrylics, spray paints, charcoal, and digital.  His works range in size from post-it notes to commercial building walls.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


 16-Year-Old Visual Artist Unveils Another Mind Melting, Color Saturated Wall.

Gardena, California, April 5, 2022 - In today’s post Covid reality Sterling Molldrem aka SilverStreetz has weathered virtual high school Zoom classes, isolation, doubt, lack of motivation, and every emotion in between.  Channeling that emotion and energy, Sterling has brought to life his latest mural located at 115 W. VictoriaStreet, Gardena, Ca. 90248.  Measuring 22’ x 18’ it captures the gods who come for a population remaining complacent and stagnant.  Constantly plagued by creative blocks and doubt, SilverStreetz struggled, like so many others, with the emotional aftermath wreaked by Covid.  This mural brings to life his struggle to stay actively creative, push through walls of doubt, and resist the lazy comfort of creating the same ideas and technique on loop.  This electrically colorful, hyperactive landscape is SilverStreetz reaffirming to himself there is no substitute for hard work and tireless dedication to one’s craft.


SilverStreetz created this mural, for the first time, with no playlist or music.  Choosing instead to summon his own energy and states of conscious needed to achieve every detailed aspect.  “While music is an awesome expression of an artist’s soul, I felt it was really only giving me dopamine hits and ego heavy bursts of energy.  The music was driving my choices and creating my energy.  This isn’t how I want to create.  I’m the only one to generate my energy and drive my decisions.  If it takes music to do that, then it’s not my soul in its purist form shaping my art”, remarks the 16-year-old visual artist.


About SilverStreetz – Primarily self-taught since 2005, SilverStreetz is a visual artist currently attending Los Angeles County Highschool for the Arts (LACHSA).  He works with mediums ranging from oils, acrylics, spray paints, charcoal, and digital.  His works range in size from post-it notes to commercial building walls.

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Rituals Fest 2021 X SilverStreetz

October 30, 2021 marked the first annual music festival dubbed Rituals Fest produced by Cutie’s LA, Queer Asian Social Club, Polartropica and Jamie Issuh Productions.  Numerous musicians and artists descended upon San Gabriel Valley to honor and celebrate Queer BIPOC community along with friends and allies identifying otherwise.

Polartropica reached out to SilverStreetz with an opportunity to share his visual artwork with all of the festival go-ers.  In response, Sterling Molldrem brought two complete oversized wood panels, Ganesh and Garuda X Rangda, to provide additional eye candy to a stage already dripping in dreamy decor.  Silverstreetz live oil painted a 96" x 64" wood panel in front of everyone in attendance as the sun set and coheadliners Tolliver and Polartropica took to the stage.

The all-ages festival also featured a community self-defense class led by ALYSSA SAN AGUSTIN of BOX FOR CHANGE LA, and a vibrant market of local artisans and vendors. Delicious, soulful Vietnamese and Korean meals served by SESAME DINETTE and CHEF DEBBIE LEE, alongside uniquely delectable Chinese and Peruvian desserts served by CHIFA.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

"Electric Tormentor" SilvertStreetz Spray Paint Gardena Wall Mural 22' x 18'

Still in the midst of  February 2021 Covid weirdness, SilverStreetz managed to create his largest wall mural to date.  Measuring approximately 22’ wide x 18’ high, the piece is signature SilverStreetz.  Created entirely with spray paint and saturated in color, he calls it Electric Tormentor. 

Pulling from his fascination with all kinds of tribal headwear from across the globe, intergalactic dream sequences, alien life forms, cosmic entities, and racing thoughts of a 15 year old at 2AM, SilverStreetz brought the images behind his eyes to the exterior wall of a screen print and embroidery factory out in Gardena, Ca.  

The playlist for this piece consisted of Metallica, Guns N Roses, Motley Crew, some other glam rock bands, DJ Quick, Too Short, Easy-E, and DJ Frane.

The mural is located at a screen printing and embroidery shop that goes by a few names.  SCOPEINC, SPOT, or PrintOnTees.  115 W. Victoria Street, Gardena, Ca. 90248.

Saturday, August 1, 2020


Secret Walls Academy is an art program for the youth aimed at inspiring the next generation of visual artists.  The program is just one of many facets encompassed by Secret Walls.  Headquartered in Venice, Ca., Secret Walls Academy provides hands-on workshops lead by professional Secret Walls certified artists from its extensive creative network.

During the summer months, Secret Walls Academy hosts a week long visual arts camp for children ages 10-17.  The kids are split into groups and assigned a Secret Walls certified artist as the lead instructor. These artists are accomplished, working professionals and influential in their own right with regard to their specific fields of focus.  Among the instructors this time around were lillipore, geoffgouveia, goopmassta, paperfrank, and ninapalomba.

In addition to the talented instructors, the students are also treated to guest artists throughout the week.  Effectively broadening out the young students' perspective on what it means to be an artist.  Throughout the week young artists cover basic illustration, character building, visual story telling, and how to think like a muralist.  The week culminates with an art battle involving all of the students from each different team going head to head for 20 minutes a round.  This year's art battle would be the first ever to be held virtually and live streamed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Led by Geoff Gouveia, SilverStreetz was able to advance to the final 20 minute round where he managed to reign supreme and bask in the glow of the coveted Secret Walls belt.

Let's Hear It For The Women.

The nascent journey of SilverStreetz into the art world has already been shaped by multiple adults and and kids alike.  However, there are four key individuals who have been instrumental in providing what would become milestones for the young visual artist.  It is important to note -- they are all women.

Around the middle of April 2019, on a whim, SilverStreetz reached out to Steel Craft Long Beach with a wall mural proposal.  He had never spoken with anyone prior.  A day later he was contacted by a women named Julia, and the rest is history.  A month later SilverStreetz began and completed his first commercially spaced wall mural at age 13.  He had a blast live painting the piece and it was well received by all of the Steel Craft patrons.  So well received that one of the guests approached SilverStreetz with an offer to get involved with an art group.  The guest was a woman named Brandie, and her group was called Art Realm Collective.

Brandie would introduce SilverStreetz to the founder of Art Realm - you guessed it - another woman also named Brandie (Lil Brandie).  The rest is history.  About a month after the introduction SilverStreetz was live painting and displaying his art during the Long Beach Art Walk alongside a group of talented, mainly all women, artists.

Come October of the same year, Lil Brandie would reach out to SilverStreetz with an opportunity larger than the last.  This time he got the chance to spray paint a 20' x 12' wall mural and participate in a show next to other talented artists of Art Realm at the Icehouse Arts Complex in Long Beach.  The show was a massive success and brought out hundreds and hundreds of people.  SilverStreetz had been elevated to another level in terms of eyeballs on his work.

Nine months later SilverStreetz would be contacted by someone who became a fan of his art after experiencing it first hand at the Icehouse show.  You guessed it.  This time the person was a woman named, Serena.

Serena was looking for young talent to enter a summer camp and art competition put on by Secret Walls, called Secret Walls Academy.  The week long program culminated with a 20 minute art battle among all of the students in a virtual space during the Covid-19 pandemic.  SilverStreetz took the win and the coveted trophy belt.  As the battle was live streamed and then posted by Secret Walls on various social platforms, the number of people now able to experience his art had been elevated by tens of thousands.

Overstating the significance these women have had on providing milestone moments for SilverStreetz is impossible.  Despite countless men also being present at every one of these events, it was a woman each and every time, who actually took a moment, spoke up, and provided an opportunity of long lasting effect.

Thanks to all the women.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

GANESH: God of New Beginnings, Success and Wisdom. The Remover of Obstacles.

SilverStreetz unleashes another large, painted panel tapping into Hindu religion. 

SilverStreetz mentions, "In this piece 'GANESH', I really wanted the viewers to get a true sense of energy and flow. Everything in this piece is moving with vibrant colors along with it.  Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and with that mythology you can create any story you want out of it which is why I love it so much".

While waiting out the Covid quarantine, SilverStreetz took to the streets of the LA Arts District.  Using the back drop of Hauser & Wirth he was able to capture some incredible shots of his latest piece.

After creating a fully rendered Photoshop version of his piece 'GANESH', he was compelled to bring it to life with acrylics on a 4' x 8' hard board.  The same size and framing as his last piece, BALI.  When asked if there was any significance to the colorful background he employed, SilverStreetz says, "For me, the colorful streams surrounding him are his energy and consciousness as he battles the obstacles with his golden crown and dagger".

About SilverStreetz

Born in 2005, SilverStreetz is a freshman at LACHSA who likes to focus on large mural and installation pieces.  Spray paint, oils, and acrylics are his medium of choice and highly imaginative creative is what guides his pieces.  He has displayed work around multiple locations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.  At age 12 not only did SilverStreetz complete his first wall mural inside a private residence, but his graphic design creative saw the beginning of his own apparel line.  For more information, visit

To access SilverStreetz apparel, go to

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Exploration Of Indonesian Roots And Culture X SilverStreetz

Los Angeles -- SilverStreetz unleashes his most vibrant and color saturated 4' x 8' to date.  "BALI", is a mural depicting three Barong Fish which drip in bright acrylic blues, screaming yellows, and loud purples, reds, and greens.  The piece is painted on 1/4" hardboard and framed by black stained redwood.

This piece marks SilverStreetz's first exploration into his Indonesian roots and culture.  As he puts it, "Bali", "is supposed to give viewers a little insight into Indonesian culture as well as Hindu faith.  Bali, which is a province of Indonesia, is like a 'Hindu hub'. This is where I found inspiration for one of their Gods, the Barong Fish -- which is the prominent figure in this piece."

SilverStreetz has become synonymous with bright and playful hues.  "Bali" is undeniable proof of his attention to bold and vivid color.  "The Barong Fish is king of the spirits and leader of the hosts of good.  This is why I put the most traditional and most vibrant Barong Fish at the top, as he's leading the good," says SilverStreeetz.  "Although the top Barong Fish is the most vibrant, I wanted this piece to be vibrant as a whole and I wanted all the characters to have one similar skin color; blue. I thought blue would be a great color because it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence, which in essence, are all traits the 'good' must have."

About SilverStreetz

Born in 2005, SilverStreetz is a freshman at LACHSA who likes to focus on large mural and installation pieces.  Spray paint, oils, and acrylics are his medium of choice and highly imaginative creative is what guides his pieces.  He has displayed work around multiple locations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.  At age 12 not only did SilverStreetz complete his first wall mural inside a private residence, but his graphic design creative saw the beginning of his own apparel line.  For more information, visit

To access SilverStreetz apparel, go to

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
Winter Visual Arts Show
Friday January 24, 2020

Sterling Molldrem had his first high school art show in Chinatown, Los Angeles on Chinese Lunar New Year.  The Visual Arts department of LACHSA exhibited various pieces for 3 days at Lisa Derrick Fine Arts Gallery and Mutmuz Gallery.  The show was curated by the co-chair of LACHSA's Visual Art department, Barry Markowitz

SilverStreetz presented a super imaginative self portrait size 30" x 40".  The oil painting on canvas highlighted his signature vibrant color palette and was classic SilverStreetz.

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts is a visual and performing arts high school located on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California, United States

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


On October 5, 2019, the Art Realm Collective hosted an art show with about 15 artists from the local area. There were wall murals, live music shows, multimedia installations, popup shops, kid activities, book swaps, and even yoga play sessions.

SilverStreetz spray painted a hefty sized 20' x 12' wall mural at the Icehouse Arts Complex in Long Beach, Ca. as part of Art Realm LB's Fall art show.  The piece was classic SilverStreetz with all its vibrant, color-melting, trippy-imaginative, in-your-face, eye candy, detail.  Simply put, it was 3 dudes blowing shit up and breaking down walls.

Art Realm: The World Is Yours, was the brainchild of Brandie Davison.  As the show's curator, Brandie could not have been more supportive and generous. She successfully secured an incredible venue, in the Icehouse Arts Complex, providing under represented creatives with a truly unique space to showcase and bridge art with community.

The event was sponsored by the Arts Council for Long Beach and Hops and Vines Long Beach.


ART REALM Artist Collective is a group of young creatives based in Long Beach, Ca. ART REALM the event serves the longstanding need for ongoing art experiences that highlight the work of under represented artists in the local art community.

SilverStreetz began burning walls when he was just 12 years old.  His work is highly imaginative, saturated with color, and undeniably impressive for an artist of any age, let alone 14 years old.  Keep the youngster firmly on your radar.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sam Darring and Red Gate Recorders

So grateful for Sam Darring and Red Gate Recorders.  SilverStreetz and Sam met during a birthday party for SilverStreetz’s sister.  He is the studio manager and handles all aspects of studio operation from marketing, to bookings, to client engagement, and everything in between.  Sam had heaps of hand selected art all around the studio. It was during that encounter when SilverStreetz showed Sam some of his work and the two began talking about art interests.  Four days later, Sam sent SilverStreetz a DM and offered him some wall space in the studio.  SilverStreetz was 12 at the time.

Nearly 2 years later, just before turning 14, SilverStreetz completed his first art piece install for Red Gate Recorders.  Painted with Golden Acrylics and measuring 5’ x 4’, the piece is a mildly creepy, highly imaginative interpretation of an alien creature encounter of the 420 kind.  Prominently hung in the hallway it can’t be missed and you may even be able to smell the clouds of smoke coming off the painting.

The piece will remain displayed for an indefinite period of time and will be swapped out with a new piece later on.  The offer to rotate SilverStreetz’s art is testament to Sam Darring’s generosity and kindness.  It speaks volumes to the kind of spirit which lives at Red GateRecorders.

As taken from the website, “Red Gate Recorders is an independently owned Los Angeles recording studio. It is located in the heart of Eagle Rock, CA conveniently set on the northern side of York Blvd, a popular passageway between the cities of Glendale and Historic Pasadena. The studio’s background in the neighborhood dates back to the early 1940s. This artful Los Angeles recording space is home to recording artists and videographers alike. It has since been called Eagle Rock’s best-kept secret nestled under a large sidewalk tree hidden from the main street”.

SilverStreetz art for Reg Gate Recorders