Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Exploration Of Indonesian Roots And Culture X SilverStreetz

Los Angeles -- SilverStreetz unleashes his most vibrant and color saturated 4' x 8' to date.  "BALI", is a mural depicting three Barong Fish which drip in bright acrylic blues, screaming yellows, and loud purples, reds, and greens.  The piece is painted on 1/4" hardboard and framed by black stained redwood.

This piece marks SilverStreetz's first exploration into his Indonesian roots and culture.  As he puts it, "Bali", "is supposed to give viewers a little insight into Indonesian culture as well as Hindu faith.  Bali, which is a province of Indonesia, is like a 'Hindu hub'. This is where I found inspiration for one of their Gods, the Barong Fish -- which is the prominent figure in this piece."

SilverStreetz has become synonymous with bright and playful hues.  "Bali" is undeniable proof of his attention to bold and vivid color.  "The Barong Fish is king of the spirits and leader of the hosts of good.  This is why I put the most traditional and most vibrant Barong Fish at the top, as he's leading the good," says SilverStreeetz.  "Although the top Barong Fish is the most vibrant, I wanted this piece to be vibrant as a whole and I wanted all the characters to have one similar skin color; blue. I thought blue would be a great color because it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence, which in essence, are all traits the 'good' must have."

About SilverStreetz

Born in 2005, SilverStreetz is a freshman at LACHSA who likes to focus on large mural and installation pieces.  Spray paint, oils, and acrylics are his medium of choice and highly imaginative creative is what guides his pieces.  He has displayed work around multiple locations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.  At age 12 not only did SilverStreetz complete his first wall mural inside a private residence, but his graphic design creative saw the beginning of his own apparel line.  For more information, visit www.sterlingmolldrem.com

To access SilverStreetz apparel, go to www.slvrstrtz.com

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