Wednesday, October 9, 2019


On October 5, 2019, the Art Realm Collective hosted an art show with about 15 artists from the local area. There were wall murals, live music shows, multimedia installations, popup shops, kid activities, book swaps, and even yoga play sessions.

SilverStreetz spray painted a hefty sized 20' x 12' wall mural at the Icehouse Arts Complex in Long Beach, Ca. as part of Art Realm LB's Fall art show.  The piece was classic SilverStreetz with all its vibrant, color-melting, trippy-imaginative, in-your-face, eye candy, detail.  Simply put, it was 3 dudes blowing shit up and breaking down walls.

Art Realm: The World Is Yours, was the brainchild of Brandie Davison.  As the show's curator, Brandie could not have been more supportive and generous. She successfully secured an incredible venue, in the Icehouse Arts Complex, providing under represented creatives with a truly unique space to showcase and bridge art with community.

The event was sponsored by the Arts Council for Long Beach and Hops and Vines Long Beach.


ART REALM Artist Collective is a group of young creatives based in Long Beach, Ca. ART REALM the event serves the longstanding need for ongoing art experiences that highlight the work of under represented artists in the local art community.

SilverStreetz began burning walls when he was just 12 years old.  His work is highly imaginative, saturated with color, and undeniably impressive for an artist of any age, let alone 14 years old.  Keep the youngster firmly on your radar.