Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sam Darring and Red Gate Recorders

So grateful for Sam Darring and Red Gate Recorders.  SilverStreetz and Sam met during a birthday party for SilverStreetz’s sister.  He is the studio manager and handles all aspects of studio operation from marketing, to bookings, to client engagement, and everything in between.  Sam had heaps of hand selected art all around the studio. It was during that encounter when SilverStreetz showed Sam some of his work and the two began talking about art interests.  Four days later, Sam sent SilverStreetz a DM and offered him some wall space in the studio.  SilverStreetz was 12 at the time.

Nearly 2 years later, just before turning 14, SilverStreetz completed his first art piece install for Red Gate Recorders.  Painted with Golden Acrylics and measuring 5’ x 4’, the piece is a mildly creepy, highly imaginative interpretation of an alien creature encounter of the 420 kind.  Prominently hung in the hallway it can’t be missed and you may even be able to smell the clouds of smoke coming off the painting.

The piece will remain displayed for an indefinite period of time and will be swapped out with a new piece later on.  The offer to rotate SilverStreetz’s art is testament to Sam Darring’s generosity and kindness.  It speaks volumes to the kind of spirit which lives at Red GateRecorders.

As taken from the website, “Red Gate Recorders is an independently owned Los Angeles recording studio. It is located in the heart of Eagle Rock, CA conveniently set on the northern side of York Blvd, a popular passageway between the cities of Glendale and Historic Pasadena. The studio’s background in the neighborhood dates back to the early 1940s. This artful Los Angeles recording space is home to recording artists and videographers alike. It has since been called Eagle Rock’s best-kept secret nestled under a large sidewalk tree hidden from the main street”.

SilverStreetz art for Reg Gate Recorders