Saturday, September 22, 2018

Adobe Photoshop and Digital Art.

Sterling Molldrem focuses on light shades with this Adobe Photoshop illustration

These pieces are some of Sterling Molldrem's first digital illustrations when he became serious (at age 13) about exploring Photoshop CC and how light reflection effects an object.  He wanted to try and incorporate how light and the various angles of light reflect and create various shades and textures.  Sterling really started playing around with the Wacom Intuos tablet around age 11 and 12.  He didn't really dive deep into the Adobe Photoshop YouTube tutorial rabbit hole until age 12 - 13.  Among some of the treasures he retrieved from that rabbit hole was the artist Chiworld1234.

The image above is a boy in a beanie holding a candle.  As the boy lights the candle and looks forward, he is unaware of the monster lurking directly behind him.  A monster that only becomes visible with the flickering illumination of a candle.

The image below obviously takes place deep in a swampy forest of Feffernoos.  This particular forest monster, also known as a Heelyadoor, is snacking on some poor soul as the green sun sets directly behind.  The over arching theme of this particular illustration is very apparent - don't go wondering into forests on Heelyadoor.

The Forest Monster drawn by 13 year old Serling Molldrem in Adobe Photoshop

Sterling Molldrem has a fantastically, bizarre brain as evident by the multitude of drawings, paintings, and sketches found on his Instagram page.