Saturday, March 24, 2018

Multiple Mediums

hip hop, urban street art

At the age of 12, Sterling Molldrem is a young artist already able to communicate his art through multiple mediums.  He has firmly grounded himself with the use of inks, markers, acrylics, spray paints, oils, and digital mediums.

Previously a competitive gymnast for 4 years and training 22 hours a week while also going to elementary school -- he had enough.  Gymnastics was out and ART was in.  Now dedicating an enormous amount of time to shaping his artistic creativity, Sterling exhibits an amazing rate of production.  Whether it's a daily doodle, poster piece, computer production, or wall mural Sterling is constantly creating.

Art prodigy?  12 year old art genius?  You be the judge.  Labeling Sterling's creative style is challenging.  One day he will be manually producing a still life oil painting and the next he'll be digitally creating a computer mash up of celebrity, politics, and monsters.  His creativity is bright, humorous, edgy, gritty, and saturated with color.  One thing is for sure -- Sterling Molldrem is well on the way to making his name known in the creative world, and at such an early age he's already charging hard.