Saturday, August 1, 2020

Let's Hear It For The Women.

The nascent journey of SilverStreetz into the art world has already been shaped by multiple adults and and kids alike.  However, there are four key individuals who have been instrumental in providing what would become milestones for the young visual artist.  It is important to note -- they are all women.

Around the middle of April 2019, on a whim, SilverStreetz reached out to Steel Craft Long Beach with a wall mural proposal.  He had never spoken with anyone prior.  A day later he was contacted by a women named Julia, and the rest is history.  A month later SilverStreetz began and completed his first commercially spaced wall mural at age 13.  He had a blast live painting the piece and it was well received by all of the Steel Craft patrons.  So well received that one of the guests approached SilverStreetz with an offer to get involved with an art group.  The guest was a woman named Brandie, and her group was called Art Realm Collective.

Brandie would introduce SilverStreetz to the founder of Art Realm - you guessed it - another woman also named Brandie (Lil Brandie).  The rest is history.  About a month after the introduction SilverStreetz was live painting and displaying his art during the Long Beach Art Walk alongside a group of talented, mainly all women, artists.

Come October of the same year, Lil Brandie would reach out to SilverStreetz with an opportunity larger than the last.  This time he got the chance to spray paint a 20' x 12' wall mural and participate in a show next to other talented artists of Art Realm at the Icehouse Arts Complex in Long Beach.  The show was a massive success and brought out hundreds and hundreds of people.  SilverStreetz had been elevated to another level in terms of eyeballs on his work.

Nine months later SilverStreetz would be contacted by someone who became a fan of his art after experiencing it first hand at the Icehouse show.  You guessed it.  This time the person was a woman named, Serena.

Serena was looking for young talent to enter a summer camp and art competition put on by Secret Walls, called Secret Walls Academy.  The week long program culminated with a 20 minute art battle among all of the students in a virtual space during the Covid-19 pandemic.  SilverStreetz took the win and the coveted trophy belt.  As the battle was live streamed and then posted by Secret Walls on various social platforms, the number of people now able to experience his art had been elevated by tens of thousands.

Overstating the significance these women have had on providing milestone moments for SilverStreetz is impossible.  Despite countless men also being present at every one of these events, it was a woman each and every time, who actually took a moment, spoke up, and provided an opportunity of long lasting effect.

Thanks to all the women.

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