Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pasadena Art Studio | Pasadena Art Classes | Vahan Yervandyan

If you happened upon 1068 N. Allen Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104, you'd find a small, sliver of an art studio tucked in between a couple other shops.  It's easily missed if you're not looking carefully.  This is the exact spot where SilverStreetz built his foundation and technique twice a week, for 90 minutes a session, from the beginning of 2017 to mid 2019.

Vahan Yervandyan is the instructor and owner of Pasadena Art Studio.  He also holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and Web Design degree, has nearly two decades of art instruction, participated in numerous art exhibitions including a personal art exhibition in Portland, Oregon; 2005, and another in Nova Art Gallery; 2007, and is a current art teacher at AGBU VATCHE & TAMAR MANOUKIAN HIGH SCHOOL.

Vahan's ability to work with all ages is impressive, his patience with younger students is incredible, and his technique and knowledge with multiple mediums is comprehensive.  Perhaps the most amazing quality Vahan exudes is the uncanny ability to instruct without any ego.  He does not impress upon his student any particular style or format.  Vahan is liberatingly open and has the ability to provide a student with a very wide channel in which to explore.  He trusts and allows the student ample room to find his or her creative path with the most minimal amount of outside influence.  This ability, combined with a profound and extremely strong technique is what truly make Vahan Yervandyan not only an amazing instructor, but human being.

As Sterling Molldrem continues his journey, it will be one that was firmly grounded by Vahan Yervandyan and his Pasadena Art Studio.  So, if you're thinking of exploring art in any capacity - if you're looking to tighten up your technique or strengthen your foundation or explore a totally different medium - this is the place to do it.  Vahan is the soul you should seek.

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